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Swing Caddy

Keith Spring


Long story short, I gave up on the SwingRite as I felt my particular product was doing more damage than good to my swing. Bought the Swing Caddy. Came today. Wow, this is a far superior product. In build, in use (magnetic vs spring) and in confidence. Would recommend this to anyone looking to optimize their swing for speed and tempo.
Swing Caddy

Paul G D'amico

"The Best"

There are numerous swing trainers on the market. This product is one of, if not the best, swing trainers out there. It is very helpful with achieving the proper rhythm and tempo. It also help with accelerating the club in the correct spot, by use of an audible "click". I highly recommend this product.
Swing Caddy

Mark Patrick Ivancich

"Best of both"

Swing Caddy will definitely augment the "Easiest Swing" drills I have integrated into my swing training. Had an Orange Whip and a Speed Stick in the past. This appears to have taken the best features of both of those products and consolidated them into one.
Swing Caddy

PJ Czech

"+20 yards"

I very rarely review anything on Amazon. This thing has helped me (and others who tried it) immensely. When I first got it, I was having issues with making it click at 110MPH. Now, I'm easily achieving it and my distance off the tee is at least +20 yds. Great device - going to order the indoor one for the winter too.

What will the Swing Caddy do for you?

Perfect release! Immediate feedback creates the feel of correctly releasing the club through impact.

Encourages you to create a consistent rhythm and tempo for different swing speeds.

Coaches the subconscious effortless swing speed with the correct use of lag through the swing.

Improves wrist action during the swing through feel, not thought, with feedback from the "click"

Plus Unlock Extra Distance

How to use the Swing Caddy for Effortless Power...

Creating Effortless Power!

Use the Swing Caddy and Hole In One to deliver club head speed at the right point in the golf swing. Learn to use these training aids to develop extra swing speed without the effort. 

Adjustable & Versatile

Develop Your Swing at Your Pace...

The Swing Caddy and Hole In One become your perfect swing training aid companions. They have an adjustable head meaning you can tailor the aid to match your ability or goal. Simply turn the head to increase or decrease the difficulty. Learn how to increase swing speed and release the club head correctly and efficiently for more distance. Turn the setting down and work on perfecting your rhythm, timing and tempo with reduced effort and more comfort.

Who This is For

Beginner Golfer


Whether you are new to the game or still developing your swing, the Swing Caddy and Hole In One will teach you how to more effectively swing a golf club with immediate feedback from the device. No need to worry about positions or technique, instead you will develop the correct feel of striking a golf ball by achieving efficient swing fundamentals.

Senior Golfer


Perfect for senior golfers, these golf swing training aids encourage more relaxation of the wrists, hands and body, ideal for reducing the effects of age on our flexibility. Easily unlock extra yards that are hiding in plain sight with the improved action through impact achieved when the 'click' of the device sounds through the bottom of the swing.

Tour Pro

Elite players

PGA professionals and Tour Players from around the world use these training aids to compete at the highest level. The Hole In One and Swing Caddy provide the feel and feedback that elite players know they need to perform their best on the golf course. These training aids work for the best ball strikers that play the game.

simple and easy.

Swing Caddy & Hole In One User Guide

What Our Coaches Say

Sean Herron

I use my HIO every single day! I recommend all my clients get one and practice daily, the results are incredible!

Séan Herron

Philip Sparks

Brian introduced me to these training aids 50 years ago and they are without doubt brilliant tools for swing development!


Aaron Galbraith

The Swing Caddy is brilliant at coaching students the correct release using feel and the feedback of a successful click!


These training aids are simple to use but incredible for learning how to efficiently create speed in the golf swing.


Swing Caddy or Hole In One?

Swing Caddy

The perfect training aid to complement your Easiest Swing development journey. 

The Swing Caddy Golf Swing Impact Trainer is the ideal golf swing training aid for golfers looking to improve their golf swing. Equipped with a patented adjustable Control Scale and Dual-Click System, golfers will get instant feedback for optimal speed at the point of impact. At 36" the Swing Caddy is perfect for the outdoors or can be used indoors with higher ceilings. With an extra flexible shaft, the Swing Caddy encourages improved rhythm for an effortless golf swing.

Hole in one

The Hole In One Golf Swing Impact Trainer is the "littler brother" to the Swing Caddy. It could be called a "Swing Caddy Mini". It is slightly shorter (28") than the Swing Caddy (36"), but it is equipped with the same patented adjustable Control Scale with the Dual-Click System for instant feedback. At 28" the Hole In One is perfect for the practicing indoors where space is limited or anywhere outdoors. A perfect travel companion if the clubs can't make it on holiday! Practice regularly without any constraints.

Hole In One
Undecided Golfer
Which One?

If in doubt just get them both... no, seriously, this comes down to personal preference and the environment that you expect to be training in most frequently. If space is of no concern then the Swing Caddy is probably the perfect match, with the additional flexible shaft you get the added benefit that it helps to promote better rhythm and tempo. If you plan to practice indoors, perhaps in your living room and value your decor, then the Hole In One is perfect. Being compact they also fit into a standard sized suitcase so you can always practice your swing when travelling. Once you own one and see the incredible benefits they have on your swing, you will likely begin to justify getting the bigger or smaller counterpart. Don't say we didn't warn you! 

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"I wish I knew about this training aid sooner!"

Alan C. - Amazon Review

It's as near to a golf swing as you are likely to get and the money you can save on golf lessons. I wish I had known about this golf aid much sooner - now catch up time!

Swing Caddy Training Aid


How to Use My Swing Trainer

  1. Hand and wrist action: There is a belief held by certain teachers (and the inventor of these new trainers) that hand and wrist action is dangerous as it can lead to inconsistencies in ball-striking and direction. Golfers have been influenced NOT to trust their hands. In using your HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY, you will soon realise that it won’t click if you don’t use your hands. It will help you to increase trust in these most wonderful inventions! 
  2. Timing: If I ask a thousand golfers ‘when should the club head reach its greatest speed in the golf swing’ the vast majority will answer ‘at impact.’ Of course it should certainly not be before but there is one reason why the intent should be for this to be  after impact. This is down to the fact that an accelerating club will hit the ball further than one going at a constant speed. Musicians don’t always play a note on the beat. Sometimes they purposely play fractionally before or after it, especially in jazz. Rhythm and timing are as important in golf as they are in music and good golfers strike the ball fairly consistently on the beat. Your HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY will help you to feel and hear when your release happens at the right time and regular use will help you to take this feeling to the course. So, the feeling and sound of the click should start at impact and, due to speed, will seem to go on for around 12 inches into the through swing. As you embrace the concept of the click, thus the release, happening later you will find that the transition between back swing and forward swing will become smoother and you will not need to swing the club down from the top of the back swing so quickly. This urgency to get back to the ball is one of the average golfer’s main faults. Put your HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY on a very easy setting and see if you can make it start to click at the bottom of the arc, i.e. where the ball would be. Now see if you can make it click before and after that point. This will soon show you where the click should come, i.e. from the ball onwards into the follow through. 
  3. Finish: Of course, it’s difficult to accelerate right through the ball, reaching your highest speed well into the follow through, whilst finishing early. You can’t stop just after the quickest point. Try relaxing your arms and shoulders at the end of the swing and you’ll soon find that the club goes much further through. Top players always swing right through the ball to a good finish because they recognise the  importance of fully releasing the club and not quitting on the shot. Take care not to use excessive force to get right the way through as, without this relaxation, you could hurt your back. 
  4. Rhythm: Rhythm is a much-underestimated aspect of the golf swing and your HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY will provide you with help in this essential area. Sam Buss, one of England’s up and coming young stars, uses his HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY to gain consistent rhythm. You can imagine the amount of travelling he has to do and how this can affect his rhythm. He has 3 settings, one for a wedge, one for a 7 iron and one for a driver. He uses it when practicing as soon as he gets to the tournament venue and finds his rhythm very quickly. Many HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY users keep it in their golf bag and use it to warm up before they go on the first tee. 
  5. Benefits of practicing your swing without hitting any bad shots: It may seem a strange thing to say but the HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY works particularly well because there is no ball and no result to get embarrassed about or analyse. Consequently, most golfers swing it much better than they do a normal club when hitting a ball, regardless of which club they are using. Doesn’t it make sense to practice using your best swing rather than the one you use when facing all the interferences you find on the course such as teeing off in front of other players or the worries about obstacles placed in your way by the course architect? There was a low handicap American golfer taken prisoner in the Vietnamese war. He suffered a couple of years of starvation and torture. When he arrived home the first thing on his mind was to play golf. He went round in a couple over par. His friends and family were amazed and asked how he could do this without having hit a ball for 2 years and with all he had gone through. He answered that he had been swinging without a club every day whilst imagining playing at his home club. Every shot had been perfect in his mind’s eye. He explained that he hadn’t hit a bad shot in over 2 years! 
  6. Physical training: Regular use of your HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY will keep both you and your swing in shape. You will be using all your golfing muscles and will soon find that you need to be relaxed and supple to get the best from it. It is a great help to the senior golfer who needs to keep mobile. 
  7. Regular use: If there is one issue that prevents golfers from maximising the benefits of their HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY purchase it is simply not using it regularly. It is easy to underestimate its value because it feels simple and easy to use. How would you feel about seeing the golf swing as being easy and simple? 
  8. Setting: 11mph is the easiest setting. 110mph is a hard for most of us and is a setting which only low handicap and tour players need use. Please don’t use your HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY on too hard a setting for your swing as it will incite you to swing with too much speed and effort leading to inconsistency. Using it at an easy setting will be more beneficial as it will help you combine smooth rhythm with a good release of the club. 
  9. Right and Left-Handed: Your HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY is equally effective right and left-handed and can be used by male and female golfers of any age. It is simply a question of using it on a setting that suits your club head speed. 
  10. Maintenance: There is nothing to do to maintain your HOLE IN ONE / SWING CADDY in good working order other than to take care of the grip. This is best done by using a strong nail brush with some ordinary household soap. You will see the dirt and grease coming out and then need to rinse it with clear water after washing it.

Adjusting the difficulty setting

The adjustments range from 11mph (25yds) to 110mph (280 yds)

To adjust, hold the grip with one hand and the barrel with the other. With the dial locator diamond and dial facing you, rotate the barrel to the left to increase the difficulty (anti-clockwise) and turn to the right to decrease the difficulty (clockwise)

Find a difficulty setting that enables you to effortlessly locate the 'click' through the impact zone - ideally after impact.

I can't achieve a 'click'

If you are unable to achieve a successful 'click', please turn the difficulty setting down to a lower setting until a 'click' can be achieved.

On the rare occasion that the magnets get stuck, please rotate the barrel all the way to the right and to the left and then back to an easy setting. This should reset the magnets and training can continue as normal.

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Effortless Power

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The Swing Caddy & Hole In One

The perfect training aid to take your game to the next level.