Combine Coaching with a Break...

Join us for a 2/3-day workshop or a golf coaching holiday at a wonderful destination and give your Easiest Swing the progress boost it deserves.

Why Immerse Yourself?

Discover a revitalised passion for golf! Embrace a game-changing approach that brings unparalleled joy and confidence to your swings. This is more than just golf - it's a rejuvenation of your golfing spirit. Discover the most body-friendly way possible to create soaring ball strikes effortlessly. With Easiest Swing, you'll not only enhance your skills but also rediscover the sheer pleasure of the game.

One-on-one Coaching

Personalised Guidance in Group Coaching: Learn Directly from Easiest Swing Coaches.

Group Program

Shared Journey to Effortless Golf: Collaborate and Grow with Fellow Enthusiasts in Our Group Coaching.

Playing & Practice

From Lessons to the Links: Apply Your Skills in Scheduled Rounds with Our Playing & Practice Sessions.

Upcoming Workshops & Holidays

Arabella Golf Resort - 4th - 11th December 2024

This 7-day coaching holiday includes 5x 18 holes rounds, 6x 2 hours of coaching with the full attention of your coach, Séan Herron.

2-Day Workshop Canterbury - 18th & 19th July 2024

Spend 2 full days immersed in the ‘Easiest Swing’ with Séan Herron, Easiest Swing Head Coach and Aaron Galbraith learning how to make every aspect of your game easier

Together we will unlock your Easiest Swing...join the next event!