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Sean Herron

Easiest Swing Coaching

Using a refreshing and completely different approach to coaching, Easiest Swing is not like conventional teaching practices. We listen and we guide.

We Get to Know You

Before we begin our coaching relationship, we ask you questions about your golf, aspirations, issues and unique circumstances.

We Listen

We don't instruct or prescribe, instead we listen and observe.  

We Ask Questions

We challenge you and get deep into your beliefs about the golf swing.

We Build Your Confidence

We liberate you from the unnecessary restrictions holding you back and replace them with new and permanent trust in your natural abilities.

About Our Team

Easiest Swing Head Coach. Regularly seen on YouTube and permanently residing in the ESClub.

Mallorca, Spain

Golf instructor, club maker and golf writer. Coaching golfers of all levels. for more info.

Mira Loma, California, USA

PGA pro since 1975 and ESCoach from 2017. Students travel all across Europe for his Group Coaching.

Hammel, Denmark

Ian appleyard - Click Here To Contact Me

ESCoach and club fitting expert. Coached with Brian at Manston and helps to improve every level of golfer.

Canterbury, Kent, UK

AARON GALBRAITH - Click Here To Contact Me

PGA pro since 1990 and coaching every level of student to improve without changing their natural swing.

Hoog Keppel, Netherlands

Coached as a junior by Brian and a PGA pro for 30+ years. Helping clients to free themselves from classical swing thoughts & teaching.


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Sean Herron Easiest Swing

Online Coaching

Can't find an ESCoach in your local area, but really want personalised help from one of our instructors?

Online coaching sessions combine video analysis, live Zoom sessions and email to help you achieve the progress you desire.

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Many of our coaches can be found sharing valuable tips and guidance on YouTube. Check out the latest videos.

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