Brian helped golfers around the world realise their potential

By challenging ingrained beliefs and liberating golfers from unnecessary restrictions. Brian Sparks was able to make golfers believe in their own capabilities again and find an easier and more enjoyable way to play the game.

Brian Sparks

Easiest Swing Founder

Sadly no longer with us. Brian's legacy continues to live on in Easiest Swing.

The Easiest Swing Story

Brian’s first book “Positive Impact Golf” gained international acclaim and is already translated into 3 other languages (Korean, Danish and German). However, it was his YouTube clip produced in 2013 that gained him the greatest following. This clip titled “The Easiest Swing in Golf” is silent and merely challenges the viewer to question whether what they see Brian doing, is compatible with what they “think”  they know to be the right way to play. Quickly, the viewer realises that Brian is contravening several of the “absolute rules” of what you need to do to play golf well. But… at the same time his swing looks really easy and relaxed. This leaves the viewer wanting to know more about how you can possibly break these conventional rules and end up with such a lovely and easy looking swing. Could golf really be this easy?

Brian’s inspirational work has had a significant effect on thousands of Golfers and Golf Pro’s worldwide. They have benefitted from his trailblazing ideas of developing a better way to improve their game with the Easiest way possible  …….”Easiest Swing”.

Due to ill health Brian always knew the only way his philosophy would live on would be for others to do this for him. He built a highly trained team of coaches who continue now to spread the word. There are coaches in seven different countries each of whom have undergone an intensive six-month training programme all developed by Brian himself.

Having coached golf for over 40 years I was immediately drawn to Brian and Easiest Swing because I knew it worked! I was exploring these ideas through my own experience and experiments, I just needed the support of Brian to become a full advocate. All my students love ES coaching.

Phil Moore


Brians Easiest Swing Legacy

I am Philip Sparks, younger brother of Brian. I worked with Brian for just under 50 years developing our ideas and helping to create Easiest Swing. Brian suffered from cancer twice in his life, first aged 26 and again age 62. It is a testament to his fighting and positive attitude that he outlived the medical world’s expectations by around 8 years longer than anticipated.

He believed in the power of questions, challenging player’s beliefs and that coaches must work very hard not to talk too much. He felt that most teachers either confuse or bring too many ideas too quickly to their pupils. Thereby, leaving the player in a worse state than when they started. By concentrating on leaving players to think for themselves with the minimum input from their coach their swing and game would flourish. In this way the coach is just a guide helping to let the player find out for themselves their own Easiest and repeatable swing.

He was passionate to not take us into the technical abyss that so many Golf Teachers have fallen into in recent years. Brian’s unwavering belief was that if you could reduce tension and technical thought, and realign players beliefs in areas where they were maybe out of kilter, their swings would flourish as would their entire game. He also passionately believed that a positive attitude and one that accepted the mistakes that occur frequently in this game, would carry players to a higher level. As his brother, I saw this happen time and time again with players who would find they had an ability within them that they never knew existed.

Brian Anthony Vincent Sparks

June 17 1951 - February 4 2022

Brian turned pro at East Berks GC in 1966 and played the tour from 69-72 before moving to The Downshire. He then worked as Head Pro at Barton on Sea, Staverton Park, Stoneham before moving to France in 1987 to become Head coach at Sully sur Loire, Chateau des Sept Tours, Sable Solesmes. After that he became General Manager at Les Bordes and The Lambourne Club before returning England in 2006 to coach at my golf course and driving range, Manston Golf Centre. I sold Manston in 2011 and Brian stayed on there for a further 5 years before then moving to Canterbury GC as the final home for his wonderful coaching.

RIP Brother

The ESClub

Brian didn’t just want to make a living from coaching – he wanted to change the way golf is coached – and was passionate that his legacy should carry on. He truly believed that traditional coaching, despite its ambition to help, just made the game more difficult for most golfers. He always remained convinced that the answer is not to tell people how to do it, but to guide them to discover for themselves better ways to swing and play. He believed in movement and freedom not constraint and stillness. I watched him coach people who had never played before, and also coach highly experienced pros, and was always astonished how, in such a short time, you could see them flourish and experience a much better way that felt way too easy to be true!

Brian has left Easiest Swing in the hands of a small team headed by Seán Herron (pronounced Shan) who is based in Majorca and me to continue building his vision of an online and Virtual Golf Club. A Club where members could meet and take on board information and stories from Easiest Swing Coaches and like-minded golfers, as well as developing rooms in this virtual “Club” designed to help golfers improve their fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and mental attitude. Brian worked on this project for several years and it went live in the summer of 2022.

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