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Graydon Argast

ESClub member

Sean, I’m new to the ESClub, only been through a few coaching modules so far, but this site is brilliant, you folks have done a tremendous job! Thanks to you all for making it available.


ESClub member

Really enjoy ESC content. I am a great believer in the sub conscious part of the brain making us play better and enjoy golf to the full. I also am addicted to the SLX which I always do every day.

Ron McDaniel

ESClub Member

 I am 85, and am hitting better balls, (both better loft, more distance, and straighter), than I have hit it many years. In fact, I might even say that I am playing the best golf of my life.

Accelerate your Easiest Swing Progress

The ESClub is the Global Centre of Easiest Swing and the Home that all golfers seeking easier, uncomplicated and enjoyable golf can reside. Take your golf to the next level by progressing together and enjoy your golf again.

Join golfers from around the world who share your quest for an easier way to play the game.


Join the conversation and directly communicate with the ESCoaches and ESClub members from around the world.

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Instant access to 10+ exclusive Coaching Courses all designed to help you progress with your Easiest Swing. Covering various elements of the game and new courses added every month.

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Gain exclusive access to monthly live sessions held through Zoom. ESCoaches will host a new topic designed to help you improve your golf. 

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With access to the ESClub 24/7 you are never far from the answers you need and the help you desire that will take your game to the next level.

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Join a community of like minded golfers and ESCoaches from around the world.

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Instant Access to 10+ Coaching Courses designed to develop your Easiest Swing  

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Monthly Live Interactive Workshops hosted by one or more ESCoaches. Recorded for on demand playback.

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Share your struggles and successes and get the answers and guidance from the EScommunity.

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By joining the ESClub you get to enjoy combining all the individual elements that make the community so special into one incredible offer.



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  • Online Access Everywhere
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  • Zoom Workshops
  • Group & Forum Access
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I discovered the Easiest Swing concept four years ago when I read Brian Sparks’ book. I then took some lessons with one of his accredited coaches.

I’m now a member of the online Easiest Swing Club. This is a great vehicle for exchanging views and ideas with like minded people. I think the beauty and value of the Easiest Swing is that it highlights that, to play our own best golf, our mind and body need to work in harmony. The power of the concept is that it helps us to unlock the talent that we all have, as long as we get out of our own way!

barrie duggan, esclub member

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Here to help with FAQ's

How do I become a member of Easiest Swing Club?

Please visit:

We look forward to you joining our interactive learning community of Easiest Swing advocates. Simply select a membership option, enter your details and follow the payment options. 

What is the Easiest Swing Club and how does it work?

The Easiest Swing club is an interactive learning community platform. The purpose is to help members progress with their Easiest Swing development by taking part in group conversations, sharing your stories, sharing your Easiest Swing by video and completing exclusive video course programmes. 

Can I talk directly with the Easiest Swing coaches?

Absolutely. The coaches will be interacting with members and one another. As well as providing workshops (live & pre-recorded) and will share their own unique stories and development of the Easiest Swing.

Will I get one-to-one help from the ESCoaches?

The coaches will be there to help the community as a whole and will answer questions that benefit the entire community. For individual development the coaches can be booked for one-to-one sessions charged separately (discounted for ESClub members) 

Can I cancel anytime?

While we would be incredibly sad to see you go, we understand that situations change. That’s why we allow our members to come and go as they please and are free to cancel anytime. 

Please talk to us before you go as we would love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve. 

I have more questions, can you help me?

Sometimes we have more questions. Please send them into us at:

We look forward to hearing from you.