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Brian Sparks Easiest Swing

Brian’s inspirational work has had a significant effect on thousands of Golfers and Golf Pro’s worldwide. They have benefitted from his trailblazing ideas of developing a better way to improve their game with the Easiest way possible ...”Easiest Swing”.

Brian was passionate to not take us into the technical abyss that so many Golf Teachers have fallen into in recent years. His unwavering belief was that if you could reduce tension and technical thought, and realign players beliefs in areas where they were maybe out of kilter, their swings would flourish as would their entire game. He also passionately believed that a positive attitude and one that accepted the mistakes that occur frequently in this game, would carry players to a higher level.

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Brian grew a huge international audience with his early silent videos. Capturing the minds of millions of golfers around the world.

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Swing Caddy
Swing Caddy

Perfect training aid to complement your Easiest Swing development journey .

Hole in One
Hole in One

A more compact version of the Swing Caddy. Perfect for practicing indoors.

Positive Impact Golf

The book that every golfer looking for an easier way to play the game must read.

Swing Caddy & Hole IN ONE

User Guide by Brian Sparks

Improve Your Swing With The Swing Caddy Training Aid

The only golf swing training aid you will need to develop your Easiest Swing.

*Due to an increase in demand we are currently low in stock of the Swing Caddy (new stock arriving soon) The Hole In One is still available and a fantastic alternative due to the shorter length and non flexible shaft - Ideal for indoor practice

This video is unquestionably the best I've seen on irons play and not just with irons but this method can be incorporated in every facet of the game. I gave your theory a go on the course and can easily say I was striking, not only my irons but the driver as well, the best I have ever had. Thanks again and keep your videos coming.

@alfie-yy8im   YouTube 

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Praise and Testimonials

Sean, I’m new to the ESClub, only been through a few coaching modules so far, but this site is brilliant, you folks have done a tremendous job! Thanks to you all for making it available.

Graydon Argast ESClub Member, USA

Really enjoy ESC content. I am a great believer in the sub conscious part of the brain making us play better and enjoy golf to the full. I also am addicted to the SLX which I always do every day.

Kevin  ESClub Member, UK

 I am 85, and am hitting better balls, (both better loft, more distance, and straighter), than I have hit it many years. In fact, I might even say that I am playing the best golf of my life.

Ron McDaniel ESClub Member, USA


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