Easiest Swing Club

Easiest Swing Club coming soon! Easiest Swing Club - "Play it - Live it - Share it" Easiest Swing Club is the brain child of Easiest Swing founder Brian Sparks. It was his vision to create an Easiest Swing community for virtual interactive learning experiences and a place that advocates of ES could call home. [...] Read More

How I found my best golf swing

Find my best golf swing My name is James Pope and I have an obsessive mindset. Luckily I do not have to check that every plug in the house is switched off before I leave each time but I do have to fully understand every hobby I ever take up. This may sound like an […]

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State Versus Technique In Putting

I didn’t get much golf in 2018 but I want to play much more in 2019 so I’ve been practicing my putting at home in between sessions at the computer. At the beginning, I was convinced that there were some flaws in my set up, especially in terms of the ball being too far forward […]

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