Brian Sparks – Founder of Easiest Swing

Brian Sparks – Founder of Easiest Swing

Want To Enjoy Your Golf More

PGA Professional / Turned Pro: 1967

Venue (from 1st October 2018): Canterbury Golf Club, Scotland Hills, Littlebourne Road, Canterbury, Kent UK CT1 1TW  Tel: +44 7739 801751


Since the very first day in 1967 when Brian started to coach golfers on the game of golf he has had a passion for helping them to simplify the swing. Far too many people have been encouraged down the technical route and have suffered because of it. Modern technology has only served to increase the confusion and pain caused by an overdose of information about a swing template that is even doing harm to young tour pros.

Brian wrote his first book, “Positive Impact Golf,” which serves to demystify certain misconceptions including the ‘3 Deadly Don’ts,’ as the natural antidote to this and put a video called ‘Easiest Swing In Golf’ on YouTube a year later. In 2018, and with the help of 4 fully trained and licensed coaches, he is launching a brand called Easiest Swing In Golf’ especially designed for senior golfers who have been largely ignored by the golfing industry.

He is delighted to be able to offer senior golfers a safe haven on this coaching platform where the focus will always be on making the game easier, more body-friendly and more enjoyable.

When you find this information to be highly effective you may decide to recommend it to other, younger players, as it makes sense for anyone with a human body to play a sport for their well-being and not as a torture.

30 Minute Lesson

Costs :  £ 65

1 Hour Lesson

Costs :  £ 130

1 Hour Consultation

Costs:  £ 100 - Do you want to significantly change your game? Do you want to find an easier way of swinging the club and playing the game? Do you want to develop your best swing and enjoy your golf more than ever before? Then book and pay for a 1-hour consultation with Brian Sparks [...]

1 Day Course

Costs:  £ 215 - Would you like to enjoy your swing more than ever before? Would you like to hit the ball further with less physical effort? Would you like to extend you golfing life? Spend a day with Brian Sparks and achieve all these and more. With only 6 participants you will enjoy quality [...]

2 Months Online Coaching

Costs:  £ 395 – Unlimited emails and videos Click here to complete and submit your personal information form. Your chosen coach will then contact you to confirm that he/she can help you and a date when your 2 months can commence. This may be immediately or with a short delay depending on his/her availability and the […]

Events / individuals or groups

Costs:  £ 975 per day – Our coaches can be engaged for your events for private individuals or groups Note: Reasonable travel expenses at cost will also be added and travel time will be included in the estimation of what represents a day unless the distances involved require more than a day.  

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