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Positive Impact Golf

The book that can seriously increase your enjoyment of golf!

“Positive Impact Golf” Book
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This is the golf book anyone who plays the game must read. It will declutter your mind and free you to develop your own potential at whatever level you play, weekend amateur through to young aspiring tour player.

Brian Sparks, a British PGA Pro since 1967, helps you to demystify all of the standard golfing jargon and show you how easily you can swing a golf club and hit a ball. This book is the natural antidote to the over-complex, mechanical way that most golf teachers now think you need to be able to improve.

Scientific research now proves that this is not the way we learn. After showing you the power of traditional misconceptions about the golf swing Brian goes on to give you simple advice about how to cope with the bad shots this game will always throw your way. It is easy to understand and will prove to be the best purchase you ever made for your game.

Although essential reading for all golfers it is particularly valid for women and for any man in the senior division. For you, it will take a lot of the unnecessary effort away from your game and leave you able to play 18 holes and go on to play another 9 with a smile on your face!

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Swing Caddy & Hole in One Trainer

 Optimize release for maximum power and accuracy

Swing Caddy & Hole in One Trainer
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These are the only swing trainers or swing aids that Easiest Swing coaches use and promote. Why, because they really do help golfers to find their best swings more consistently and to strike better shots?  Our tests show that golfers can increase their club head speed by up to 15% giving more distance. This is the best investment you will ever make in terms of equipment.

As a guide, the Swing Caddy has a softer shaft and is ideal for women and for senior men who hit a 7-iron under 120 yards and a driver under 200 yards. The Hole In One suits all golfers including women who hit further than those distances and its shorter length makes it ideal for anyone wishing to practice indoors.

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