Sean Herron – Mallorca, Spain

Sean Herron – Mallorca, Spain

Want To Enjoy Your Golf More

WGTF Professional   / Turned Pro: 2006

Venue: Golf Park Mallorca Puntiro, Ctra. de Sineu, km 10, 07198 Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares.España Tel: +34 622 957 405


I believe golf tuition, as we know it, is elitist coaching. It is based on the model golf swing of a young tour player rather than being based on each individual person and their physical capabilities. Therefore, little if any value is given to the typical client and more especially, the senior golfer.

I believe today’s coaching methods are causing senior golfers to develop uncomfortable and unnatural swings putting extra and unnecessary strain on their bodies and, as a result, give up this beautiful game much earlier than they should.

I believe golf coaches do not put trust in a student’s natural ability to move freely in a co-ordinated fashion with a relaxed, easy rhythm to hit a golf ball.

I believe you can swing with much less effort without damaging your body and yet hit the ball further.

I believe in current science-based understanding that we humans do not learn effectively when teachers over-complicate their subject and I believe this is exactly what 99% of golf coaches are doing to their clients.

I believe the 3 Deadly Dont’s (i.e, keep your head still with your eyes glued on the ball, keep your left arm straight and keep your left foot planted on the backswing) sum up the main unconscious interference in the average golfer as they create tension and inhibit a full shoulder turn on the backswing.

I believe the ´Easiest Swing in Golf´ is the best thing to happen to golf in 100 years.

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1 Hour Consultation

Costs:  € 65 Do you want to significantly change your game? Do you want to find an easier way of swinging the club and playing the game? Do you want to develop your best swing and enjoy your golf more than ever before? Then book and pay for a 1-hour consultation with Sean Herron and […]

1 Hour Lesson

Costs:  € 90

6 Hour Programme

Costs:  € 500

1 Day Course

Full Price - €199 Early Bird Price - €169 (includes unlimited range balls, range fee and a snack lunch) An introduction to the Easiest Swing school of thought. In the wonderful Mallorca sunshine, you will have the opportunity to de-clutter your golfing brain and challenge the unconscious beliefs that are holding you prisoner to your [...]

2 Day Course

Full Price - €449  Early Bird Price - €399 (includes unlimited range balls, range fees, x2 snack lunches and 9-hole Green fee) De-clutter your golfing brain and challenge the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that are imprisoning you from a more natural swinging motion. A great opportunity to look at all areas of your game (in great weather) [...]

3 Day Course

Full Price - €549  Early Bird Price - €499 (includes unlimited range balls, range fees, x3 snack lunches and 9-hole Green fee) Immerse yourself in the Easiest Swing philosophy for all areas of your game. You will have the opportunity take your newly discovered, more natural swing onto the course (wonderful weather guaranteed). Early bird [...]

Platzreife & Consultation Services

Costs: Platzreife (per hour) - € 90 - Platzreife (6 hours) - € 500 - Consultation (mandatory) - € 65 - A consultation is mandatory before we begin the Platzreife. This enables me to learn about your personal goals and what you want from your golf. Platzreife certificates will be sent by post several weeks [...]

Events / individuals or groups

Costs:  € 755 per day – Our coaches can be engaged for your events for private individuals or groups Note: Reasonable travel expenses at cost will also be added and travel time will be included in the estimation of what represents a day unless the distances involved require more than a day.  

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