Ron Owens – Indianapolis USA

Ron Owens – Indianapolis USA

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Venue: Pittsboro Golf Club in Indianapolis, 2227 East US 136, Pittsboro, IN 46167, USA

Contact Information:
Home: 001-317-872-6452 (with answerphone)
Mobile: 001-317-918-4167

Email: [email protected]

This is my 25th year providing golf instruction. My students are of any age and any skill level. I offer individual and group lessons by the hour as well as one-day sessions and 3-day residential sessions.

My first two instructors were very good at getting me to turn, transfer weight, etc. which allowed me to make a pretty good golf swing. Two years ago I saw one of Brian’s videos and thought that was the silliest thing I had ever seen. No one could do that! Being an instructor, I took it to the driving range to “field test” it and to prove that he was wrong, that his philosophy wouldn’t work. And, at first I wasn’t sure. In fact I lost distance. But, I was between my old swing and Brian’s. Fortunately, I stayed with it and found that the more I relaxed and trusted this new golf swing, the better were the results I got.

I thoroughly enjoy coaching golf and seeing my students find a golf swing that is easy to execute and repeat with no stress on their body. My desire is to reach as many students as I can, young and old, with The Easiest Swing.


Coaching Prices:

1h Consultation: Adults $40 / Juniors $30

1h Lessons: Adults $40 / Juniors $30

5 Lessons $175 plus 1 free

Groups 2-4 $35pp/hour

Groups 5-6 $30pp/hour

1-Day Course: $225pp – 1 golfer / $200pp – 2-6 golfers (maximum 6 golfers)

3-Day Residence Course: $550 for 1 golfer, $500 for 2 or more

Online Coaching: Single Video Lesson: $40 / 1 Month $150 / 2 Months $275