Ian Appleyard – Hammel, Denmark

Ian Appleyard – Hammel, Denmark

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PGA of DenmarkTurned Pro: 1975

Venue: Hammel Golf Klub, Mosevej 11b, 8450, Hammel, Denmark Tel: +45 29 36 20 20  


I turned Pro in 1975 and worked at Temple Newsam Golf course in Leeds. In 1978 I decided to leave England to gain some teaching experience abroad. I got a job at Silkeborg Golf Club in Denmark and intended to be in Denmark for a couple of seasons and then expected to return to England. I have now been in Denmark for 40 years! My wife is Danish and I have 3 grown up children.

After working as assistant Pro at several clubs I became Head Pro at Hedeland Golf Klub followed by 3 seasons at Lemvig Golf Club. In 1994 I returned to Silkeborg Golf Club, one of Denmark’s finest courses and home club of Ryder Cup captain, Thomas Bjorn, as Head Pro. After 20 fantastic years at Silkeborg we parted company.

It was time to take stock of my life and future!! I knew I didn’t want the responsibility of running a Pro Shop and a friend and colleague (Morten Thuen) asked me to come and work for him as assistant Pro at Hammel Golf Klub. This turned out to be a great move. I had become disillusioned with my teaching and frustrated with my own golf. Teaching golfers to swing the club like a tour player just didn’t seem to work. I certainly couldn’t make it work in my own game so what chance for the club golfer over 50 years old!!

Thomas Mygind, who I had taught for 10 years, was struggling with his golf. The way he was swinging the club was causing a lot of back pain and he had reached the point where he thought he was going to stop playing. I tried everything I knew to help but it just seemed to make things worse and he became even more frustrated and confused. One day, Thomas came to me and showed me a video on Youtube and asked my opinion. It was a strange video with no talking, just a guy doing a funny swing and making it look extremely easy to hit a golf ball! My first thoughts were “this is a guy who has been a good player in his day with great rhythm and good hands . Not something everybody can learn.“

Thomas decided to visit Brian at Manston on a 3 day course. On his return he was excited to show me what he had learnt. I wasn’t expecting anything special. Thomas did a couple of practice swings and proceeded to hit the best shot I have ever seen him hit!! Then another , and another!!! I was amazed at the transformation. I decided to try it myself and the improvement and enjoyment of playing this way was remarkable. The rest is history!

In 2017 I became a Positive Impact Coach and the coaching program Brian has put together has given me more than all the PGA courses I have participated in during my long career as a PGA Pro!

I now feel I can help any golfer to enjoy the great game of golf whatever difficulties they are having. Our mission is to help golfers all over the world enjoy playing golf by doing our utmost to promote the `easiest swing in golf.`

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30 Minute Lesson

Costs:  Kr 250

1 Hour Consultation

Costs:  Kr 500 Do you want to significantly change your game? Do you want to find an easier way of swinging the club and playing the game? Do you want to develop your best swing and enjoy your golf more than ever before? Then book and pay for a 1-hour consultation with Ian Appleyard and […]

1 Day Course

Costs:  Kr 990 pp (6 students)

Events / individuals or groups

Costs:  Kr 5995 per day – Our coaches can be engaged for your events for private individuals or groups. Note: Reasonable travel expenses at cost will also be added and travel time will be included in the estimation of what represents a day unless the distances involved require more than a day.

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