Hein Kaal – Hoog-Keppel, Holland

Hein Kaal – Hoog-Keppel, Holland

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Venue: Keppelse Golfclub at Burgemeester Vrijlandweg 35, 6997 AB Hoog-Keppel, Netherlands

mobile tel: 00(31) 6 19 05 03 20

Introducing Hein Kaal.

Hein was born in 1963 and grew up in Amersfoort, a nice town in the middle of the Netherlands.

After completing his studies at the Academie for physical education he was involved in a serious skiing accident: one side of his body was completely paralysed. During his rehabilitation he used golf to help his recovery as quickly as possible. After 4 years of dedicated training he was good enough to be admitted to the training programme for Dutch PGA Professionals. He passed his exams in 1990. Since then he has used his natural enthusiasm to continually improve in being an effective all round golf coach.

He has worked at several golf clubs in the Netherlands and Germany. Now, he is attached to the Keppelse Golfclub in Hoog-Keppel and the Pitch & Putt course in Doetinchem both in the East of Holland and near the German border. With all his knowledge and experience he’s developed a method of awereness instruction which fits every student, young or old, male or female and whatever their level of play.

His vision is that everyone can improve in golf without changing his or here own natural swing: It’s a flowing natural dance! (the golfclub is our dance partner). When necessary he uses video support but, in his opinion, “Golf is a game of feel” so his main approach is from that perspective”.

Take 3 lessons and he’ll LIBERATE you from an endless list of do’s and don’ts. In humility you will discover or rediscover the art of relaxed concentration with “JOY: THE ESSENCE OF SUCCESS”.

Hein brings the folllowing to his students:
– How to apply the “less = more” principle on the game: Easiest Swing golf.
– A didactic, technical, pedagogic and psychological knowledge and expertise.
– Focus on the inner game by simple awereness instruction.
– Making the shortgame easy (again).
– Simple ideas to deal with “trouble-shots”.
– Learn how to be longer and straighter without changing your own natural swing.
– Simple and functional coursemanagement.
– Advice and help with your search for the right golfequipment.

He is looking forward to joining the team of Easiest Swing coaches and learning more about our philsophy whilst sharing his unique experience both as a coach and as a player.

Hein Kaal:


Email: [email protected]

More information on courses coming soon

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