Greg Haenen – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Greg Haenen – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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Venue: Borneo Golf Academy Sutera Harbour Golf & Country Club, 1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard, Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu, 88100 Sabah, Malaysia Tel: +60 14 3782 018


As an Easiest Swing Coach I truly believe that our philosophy will help any golfer who is ‘stuck’ with their ‘Classical’ swing and swing thoughts. Golf is an easier game than we make it. Most ‘Teachers,’ who believe in their methods without trying to understand what the client wants or needs, often ignore the 6 Easiest Swing basics.

I used to be a Teacher thinking that I was helping my client by making their swing ‘look’ better but realized that while their swing might look slightly more on line and their grip to be more like the ones you see in a text book, their scores were not getting better. So there were only 2 options: either my clients were not good enough or I needed to get better.

I am lucky to have known Brian for many years and had a few lessons with him when I was visiting my father in France as a teenager. We’ve had numerous conversations, discussions and meetings about Easiest Swing over the years and, while I have never had the chance to become one of his coaches before due to various reasons, I have got an extremely good understanding of what its philosophy stands for and how it works. I had already used it to help many of my students reach levels that even I did not think they could reach. Once students are, as they put it, “FREE” or “OUT OF JAIL,” the sky is the limit. I am excited to deepen my knowledge and learn even more ways of helping future students.

It’s an exciting time to become involved in the Easiest Swing as it is expanding Worldwide and I am very proud to be joining a group of professionals who are eager to help golfers reach their full potential and are keen to become better at coaching by sharing their experience and learning from others.

Having worked in several golf clubs in Kent over the last 27 years I am excited at the thought of being the first Easiest Swing coach in Asia and look forward to welcoming you to our fantastic golf resorts at Sutera Harbour, with its lovely Magellan Hotel, and another local resort called Dalit Bay which has a beautiful Shangri-La beach hotel on site.

Coming originally from Belgium, I am French speaking and will be very happy to welcome any similar golfers to my lessons and courses.

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1 hour Lesson

Costs :  MYR 295

1 Hour Consultation

Costs:  MYR 270 - Do you want to significantly change your game? Do you want to find an easier way of swinging the club and playing the game? Do you want to develop your best swing and enjoy your golf more than ever before? Then book and pay for a 1-hour consultation with Greg Haenen [...]

5 Hour Programme

Costs:  MYR 1250 –

10 Hour Programme

Costs:  MYR 2300 – Voulez-vous changer votre jeu de manière significative? Voulez-vous trouver un moyen plus facile de faire swinger le club et de jouer au golf? Voulez-vous développer votre meilleur swing et prendre plus de plaisir que jamais a jouer au golf? Remplissez le formulaire “Contact Us” et Thomas Pruvost vous contactera pour prendre […]

3 Hour Easiest Swing Experience

Costs:  MYR 750 – (2nd person 50%)

Events / individuals or groups

Costs: MYR 3650 per day – Our coaches can be engaged for your events for private individuals or groups Note: Reasonable travel expenses at cost will also be added and travel time will be included in the estimation of what represents a day unless the distances involved require more than a day.