Bob Van Dusen – Los Angeles, USA

Bob Van Dusen – Los Angeles, USA

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I am very lucky to live and coach in the City of Angels Los Angeles, California. Since I have had a lifelong passion for the game of golf, I am blessed to live in a city where I can coach and play all year long without interference from the weather.

I started playing this ridiculous game when I was five years old. One summer afternoon my older brother handed me a cut down seven iron with a yellow shaft, and instructed, “Go outside and brush the grass with this. And try to brush the grass in the same place every time.” It was a life-defining moment.

As the years passed and I grew increasingly obsessed with golf, I began to get more curious, determined and ambitious. I started reading and studying and taking lessons whenever I could — and frankly, I found the whole adventure very frustrating. Every professional I encountered first told to me to relax and then promptly put me in positions where relaxation was impossible. Some even told me that the human body is like a rubber band. You can wind it up and then it will spring forward with tremendous force.

I have news for you: the human body is not a rubber band. I found that out the hard way when I was working on increasing my so called X factor and wound up doubled over in more of an upside down U  on my way to a chiropractor.

Discovering the Easiest Swing and learning La Danse du Golf has been a godsend. It virtually eliminates the the threat of injury and it has made it possible for me and many of my clients, both old and young, to enjoy this great game the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. We can play at a high level without any stress to the body or, for that matter, the mind. In fact, I believe La Danse is one of the top two golf drills ever invented. The other, of course, is brushing the grass in the same place.

I am honoured to be working with Easiest Swing team and I am looking forward to helping others play great golf.

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