Bob Cunningham – Georgia, USA

Bob Cunningham – Georgia, USA

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Venue: Pine Hill Golf Club, 661 Hog Mountain Road, Winder, GA 30680  Tel: (770) 867-3150

About Bob:

He was born in 1935
He was raised in a great family environment by loving parents in a small town in western Pennsylvania
He married his high school sweetheart and is still committed after 64 years
He was a high school athlete excelling in baseball and basketball
He took up golf at age 23 and immediately fell in love with the challenge and satisfaction of experiencing the feeling of a well struck ball
He researched, studied books and tapes, and took hundreds of lessons from highly ranked teaching pros
He became a full time golf instructor 23 years ago after becoming certified in the Natural Golf Method {Moe Norman}
He has become adept in many other methods including Gravity Golf, Power Lever Golf and Channel Lock Golf
He has Perdona’s best score of 67 and 5 holes-in-one
He then discovered Brian Sparks and his groundbreaking philosophy, “THE EASIEST SWING IN GOLF”…….EUREKA!!!
He feels if he can have great results at age 85, he can help anyone to enjoy this “body friendly” swing as long as “you can walk, talk and chew gum”
He states “this swing is SO RIDICULOUSLY EASY!!!’
He is the author of 363 YouTube videos, Find him here: ”Bob Cunningham Golf
He coaches Easiest Swing 5 days a week at the Pine Hill Golf Club, 661 Hog Mountain Rd, Winder Ga 30680, www.pinehillswinder.com and in other venues in the Atlanta area.

Contact Bob:

Full Day Session at Client’s Location

Cost: $875 plus travel at cost

2-Month Online Coaching

Cost: $425

1-Day Course

Cost: $250 Per Person Including: Welcome Coffee and Pastries Snack Lunch Maximum of 6 students.

Initial 1-Hour Consultation

Costs: $50

1 Hour Lesson

Costs: $70