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Learn Easiest Swing principles for Driving:

Unveil Your Best Game with the Easiest Driver Course

Unlock the secrets to a powerful, accurate, effortless drive with our Easiest Driver Course. This specialised program is designed to break down the key components of a successful drive into easy-to-grasp modules. Covering the Basics, Intermediate and finally an Advanced module, featuring more than 30 minutes of video, text explanations and graphics, providing detailed instruction and practical tips. To help you synthesise these elements into a cohesive, potent drive, we've also included a simple progression plan to help you put everything you learn into practice. Here's what you'll discover:



The Easiest Driver Course lays the groundwork for mastering the driver, providing you with essential information for effective and efficient driving. This strong foundation is crucial for golfers at all skill levels, ensuring that even seasoned players can refine and elevate their driving game.



We'll guide you on how to elevate your driving game, focusing on effortless power while enhancing consistency and accuracy. You'll receive straightforward guidance on incorporating Easiest Swing principles into every drive, ensuring an effective and enjoyable experience on the course.



For those aiming to advance their driving skills, this section delves into harnessing your natural instincts and leveraging your subconscious mind. By sidestepping technical jargon, we empower you to truly master your driver, allowing for a more intuitive and effective game.

Driver Easiest Swing

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 I am 85, and am hitting better balls, (both better loft, more distance, and straighter), than I have hit it many years. In fact, I might even say that I am playing the best golf of my life.

Ron mcDaniel

Easiest Swing Head Coach

About The Course Teacher, Séan Herron

Séan Herron, the Head Coach at Easiest Swing, whose unwavering passion for the game and dedication to his students' success have established him as a leading figure in the world of golf coaching. With a wealth of experience spanning decades, Séan has honed a unique and highly effective coaching approach that blends cutting-edge techniques, deep technical knowledge, and an innate understanding of the golfer's mindset. Embark on a journey of golfing excellence with Séan Herron as your guide – his expertise, passion, and commitment will ignite the fire within you to achieve your greatest golfing aspirations and reach heights you never thought possible.

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