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Unlock the secrets to a graceful, effortless golf swing with our 6 Basics Coaching Course. This comprehensive program is designed to break down the essential elements of an easy, effective swing into six simple-to-understand modules. Each module comes with a 10-15 minute video, providing in-depth instruction and actionable insights to help you integrate these basics into a seamless, powerful swing. Plus, we've included a final video of our coaches playing different shots to help see how the swing looks when it's all put together. Here's what you'll learn:



The "Turn" module focuses on the mechanics of a proper turn in your golf swing. Learn how to rotate your body efficiently to generate power without straining your muscles or joints. A well-executed turn is the foundation of the Easiest Swing.


weight shift

Master the art of weight shift to optimize your swing's balance and power. This module teaches you how to shift your weight effectively during the swing, ensuring that you're using your body's natural movements to your advantage.



Balance is crucial for a consistent and powerful swing. This module provides you with techniques to maintain perfect balance throughout your swing, reducing the risk of mishits and increasing your shot accuracy.



Co-ordination is the glue that holds your swing together. Learn how to synchronise your movements for a smooth, efficient swing that feels natural and effortless. This module will help you understand how each part of your body contributes to a coordinated swing.



Discover the importance of rhythm in making your swing not just effective, but also graceful and effortless. This module will guide you through exercises to find your natural rhythm, making your swing more fluid and less forced.



The French term "Souplesse" refers to suppleness or flexibility. This module teaches you how to maintain a relaxed yet controlled swing, allowing for greater flexibility and less strain on your body. It is also about what gives a golf swing its graceful appearance, an essential ingredient to Easiest Swing.

Bonus drills and practice routines:

  • To help you put it all together, we've included a final video of our coaches playing different shots and included simple drills and practice routines for each of the 6 Basics. These exercises are designed to help you integrate the 6 Basics into a cohesive, effortless swing.
  • The 6 Basics Coaching Course is not just a set of instructions; it's a holistic approach to golfing that respects the natural capabilities of your body. By mastering these basics, you're not just learning how to swing—you're learning how to swing the Easiest Swing way.

The Key to an Easy Golf Swing

The 6 Basics remove the tiresome pursuit of positional and technical golf swing frustrations. Learn golf the way it is meant to be, fun and easy.

Immediate Results

No more getting worse before you get better. With Easiest Swing you will see instant improvement, your effort levels reduced and results that delight!

Easier Progress

These six elements are incredibly powerful for unlocking a natural golf swing, you will notice a pace of progress that leaves you bewildered! You become your own coach!

Consistent Golf Swing

Stop worrying what golf swing you will have the next time you pick up the clubs. Based on natural instincts these elements become automatic, allowing freedom to play!

Unlock Your Authentic Swing With The 6 Basics

The Investment To Transform Your Game

As you prepare to view the pricing options, it's essential to consider what you're truly investing in. The 6 Basics Coaching Course isn't just a series of videos; it's a comprehensive guide to mastering an effortless, authentic swing. This is specialised knowledge that can take years and significant financial investment to acquire through traditional coaching.

We offer two flexible pricing options to suit your needs:

1. Individual Purchase: A cost-effective way to gain lifetime access to the 6 Basics Coaching Course. This is perfect for those who want targeted, immediate improvement in their swing.

2. ESClub Membership: For a more holistic approach to your golf game, consider our ESClub membership. Not only will you get access to the 6 Basics Coaching Course, but you'll also benefit from a wide array of additional resources, including all ES coaching courses, community support, and ongoing expert guidance.

So, as you consider the investment, remember that you're not just buying a course—you're investing in a proven system that will make your golf game more enjoyable and less strenuous, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player.

Individual purchase

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  • Equivalent $25p/m

Just completed my first run through of ‘The 6 Basics’ course. Really outstanding work. So much good information / reinforcement. Thank you for another job well done.

Graydon Argast

ESClub Member

Brian Sparks

Brian devoted a lifetime coaching tens of thousands of golfers around the world. He developed the 6 Basics after noticing time and again that golfers often lacked these crucial elements. Instead of working on technical or positional based methods, he would get students to improve the basics that were most lacking. Immediately students would see improvement, tension would disappear and an authentic swing would begin to take charge. Brian truly believed that every golfer had a beautiful, effortless and authentic golf swing within. He only helped to reveal it.

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