2 Day Course


Costs:  from £ 499 –

These are the course objectives :

  • You will learn to play golf with feel instead of Technical analysis
  • You will learn a new way of looking at your game and appreciate what areas have been holding you back
  • You will learn how to become more consistent and how to cope with bad shots
  • You will achieve increased confidence, a more relaxed swing and get more enjoyment from your game straight away
  • You will undoubtedly leave with a more positive attitude to your game

September – Thursday 27th and Friday 28th – Only 6 places remain

2019 April – Thursday 4th and Friday 5th – New Date Added – 6 places

2019 June – Thursday 20th and Friday 21st – New Date Added – 6 places

2019 July – Thursday 25th and Friday 26th – New Date Added – 6 places

2019 August – Thursday 15th and Friday 16th – New Date Added – 6 places