Imagine spending a whole week immersed in the ‘Easiest Swing’ with one or sometimes two of our senior specialist coaches learning how to make every aspect of your golf easier. Although the swing itself is the major part of your coaching you will also learn how to make each department of the game easier. This will include the short game, club selection and course strategy. You will come back with a new outlook on the game, a new level of enjoyment of playing the game and swinging the club and with a new lease of your golfing life. This will be the most body-friendly way you can ever have imagined of playing the game which will give you the joy of hitting lovely shots and a lot more confidence in yourself and your ability to play an enjoyable and effective game of golf.

Your travel arrangements can be made by our specialist golf travel company, Holidays4Golfers, wherever in the world you live.

Our 7-day retreats typically include flights from UK, half board accommodation, 4 rounds of golf with golf carts, 16 hours of coaching, regular meetings and the full attention of your coaches throughout the week.

Join us for a fabulous week of enjoyable golf and significant learning about your game.

Next retreat to be announced

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