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Answering A Question From Eugene Fitzpatrick

Hi Gene Your question, following my last newsletter, was this: “Brian while watching the videos of the easy slow lazy swing can I ask, where does the club head speed and power come from? Thank you”   There are several factors on achieving distance when hitting a golf ball. The 2 most important and effective are […]

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How I found my best golf swing

Find my best golf swing My name is James Pope and I have an obsessive mindset. Luckily I do not have to check that every plug in the house is switched off before I leave each time but I do have to fully understand every hobby I ever take up. This may sound like an […]

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State Versus Technique In Putting

I didn’t get much golf in 2018 but I want to play much more in 2019 so I’ve been practicing my putting at home in between sessions at the computer. At the beginning, I was convinced that there were some flaws in my set up, especially in terms of the ball being too far forward […]

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