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Positive Impact Golf was created in 2006 by British pro, Brian Sparks, who uses his 50+ years experience in the game to form a unique coaching philosophy that helps golfers of all ages to improve their golf swings and ENJOY this wonderful game to the full.

In 2010 he published his first book ‘Positive Impact Golf’ and, in 2011, he put a video clip on YouTube called ‘Easiest Swing In Golf’. Today, golfers from around the world are benefiting from the wonderful combination of a more relaxed and natural swing with the positive attitude that Brian and his team of coaches will help you develop in all parts of your game.

Senior Golf

There is no better way of describing what golfers have been telling us about the effects on their game than ‘easier’ so the evolution from ‘Positive Impact Golf’ to ‘Easiest Swing’ stems from their encouragement to make this change. Many thanks to you all!

The benefits of Easiest Swing in Golf

  • Find YOUR best swing unfettered by traditional rules
  • Less strain on your body
  • More enjoyment, less fatigue and less frustration
  • Play golf until an older age
  • Improved consistency and accuracy
  • Enjoy your journey!

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