Easiest Swing Club coming soon!

Easiest Swing Club – “Play it – Live it – Share it”

Easiest Swing Club is the brain child of Easiest Swing founder Brian Sparks. It was his vision to create an Easiest Swing community for virtual interactive learning experiences and a place that advocates of ES could call home. Here members (including ES coaches) can come together, talk with one another, sharing their own experiences and developments with their Easiest Swing and continue to progress by helping each other.

Brian tasked Dean, Sean, Philip and Malcolm with the challenge to bring his vision to life after he left us. Brian got to see the platform in its early stages and directed how he saw the platform evolving to be ready to launch to the public.

It is now just weeks away from launch and is in its final stages of Beta testing. The entire team at Easiest Swing are so excited and thrilled at what has been created and about to be released to the ES audience.

As a member of the Club you will join the largest Global Online Easiest Swing Community where you can chat, share and develop your Easiest Swing. Meet other golfers who found ES perhaps through the “Positive Impact Golf” book, YouTube or via one of the ES qualified coaches from around the world. Join other like minded golfers who have freed themselves of the conventional, overly complicated and unnecessarily mechanical method of swinging the club. Here we can continue to develop our golf swings and our golf game by sharing what we have learnt or found along this journey towards joyful and easy golf, the Easiest Swing way.

Complete ESClub exclusive video programmes, including videos not found anywhere else online. Cement your ES knowledge with written content explaining in great detail each subject and complete this with quizzes to help you build confidence in your own understanding. Then open discussions and ask the coaches and other members for help if there are any gaps in your knowledge or add tips and advice you can offer to help others. Sharing and helping others not only empowers the newer members of ES, but it also strengthens our own foundation. When we can coach others we are on our way to mastery of our own.

Monthly Virtual Interactive Experiences will be held by our coaches in the Workshop. Here you can take part in live and pre-recorded session via Zoom on subjects that the are requested by the community.

New video programmes will be added each month and will compliment your Easiest Swing progression.

This is the future of Easiest Swing and we can’t wait to see you there!

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