Hi Gene
Your question, following my last newsletter, was this:
“Brian while watching the videos of the easy slow lazy swing can I ask, where does the club head speed and power come from? Thank you”
There are several factors on achieving distance when hitting a golf ball. The 2 most important and effective are an accelerating club-head through impact and the quality of ball striking. The others are leverage, angle of attack, spin rate and launch angle.
Golfers with the ability to swing the club at great speeds are the long hitters. You can count most tour pros in that category, I believe, to the detriment of the game in the long term. It is creating a bigger and bigger gap between the guys we see on the TV and what we average players can achieve. It produces a dissatisfaction with the distances we hit the ball and encourages us to try for more length. In my opinion, most golfers, especially males, are trying to hit the ball further than they can!
Now, this doesn’t mean that more distance can not be achieved, it just means that it should come as a natural consequence of swinging the club faster without increasing effort. In the Easiest Swing world, this is achieved by two effects: a) being more relaxed so that muscles are long, loose and elastic and therefore more able to accelerate the club through the ball and b) moving more fully.
As people’s swings improve using our philosophy (note, THEIR swings improve which doesn’t mean that they necessarily need wholesale changes to what they have always done), they start to strike the ball better and gain in confidence. Confidence is, of course, another factor in hitting the ball further as it allows or encourages us to really put all we’ve got into our shots.
I do understand from your question that it appears to be incredible that one can hit the ball good distances with no apparent effort but I can assure you that I and my coaches help golfers to achieve this on a very regular, daily basis.
Can I finish with this story about Lee Trevino? He was giving a demonstration one day and, when he had finished hitting balls, invited questions from the audience. One guy asked, “Hey, Lee, how can I hit the ball further?” Trevino, being quite a good coach, put the question back to the guy by asking, “how would you hit it further?” “Oh,” said the guy, “If it was up to me I’d hit it harder.” No,” said Trevino, “don’t hit it harder, hit it BETTER!”
I hope this helps and, as a bi-product, and with your permission, you may well see this as a blog on our website very soon so thanks for the question.
Best wishes

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