We just had to share this email from Bill Kellar as he explains his way of incorporating new concepts into his golf swing:

Brian, hope all is well.  Yes, of course you can use my email in whatever way you would like. One of the most important things I am learning is to take all of the thinking out of swinging a golf club. When I throw a ball to someone do I think about the mechanics? No, I just naturally throw it and my body puts me in an instinctive, natural motion. If I was going to hit a baseball I would naturally have most of my weight on the right side and then as the ball approached I would naturally move the weight to the front foot and take my swing. I would not be thinking about when and how to do it. The same should happen with the golf swing. You have taught me that it is actually very simple if you will just do what your body wants to do instinctively and naturally. It is not complicated. That is what I really like and appreciate about the easiest swing. How many instructors have flooded my mind with a checklist of technical thoughts that I am supposed to be thinking about as I attempt to hit the golf ball. Who can possibly check off that kind of inventory before swinging the golf club. Certainly not me.

I have told you this previously, but I will tell you again that I think just swinging a club (or better yet, a SwingRite trainer) in the yard is extremely beneficial. I am swinging the SwingRite 200-300 times a day in the backyard. Not all at once. Every couple hours I will take a few minutes and swing it 30-40 times.  I will check in the window reflection for a visual and then just start swinging the club. The goal is to see and feel what the easiest swing is and duplicate it over and over again. Have a great day.

Kindest regards, Bill

Our Note:

We totally agree with Bill in his way of practicing his swing without a ball which helps develop the feel of a good swing movement. We are not convinced that whacking a load of balls on a range is the best way to improve. It may even be one of the reasons why average handicaps haven’t come down.

Of course, anyone who has followed us for any time or had coaching with any of our coaches will know that Bill is using an Original SwingRite as mentioned in the book, “Positive Impact Golf.” You can achieve the same progress with either a Swing Caddy or a Hole In One which are the trainers we recommend since we stopped using the SwingRite about 18 months ago and replaced it with this more modern product. They are all great aids in developing excellent rhythm and a dynamic, confident release of the club into the ball.

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  • Tim July 26, 2019 @ 2:09 pm

    Great piece. My problem is letting go of my lifetime of habits–tension, overswinging, overcompensating and, the worst, thinking 🙂 La Danse is great for balance and coordination, but doesn’t seem to give me the feel of the swing. I get that by, duh, swinging. Without a ball turns off my brain. Thank you!

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