Senior Golf Swing.

Senior golfers do not generally have the flexibility to adopt the ‘tour player’ template swing.

Reason No1:

A senior golf swing often lack joint flexibility. If the heel of the leading foot (left heel for a right-handed player) doesn’t rotate off the ground in the backswing the body will not be able to complete a full turn. This will limit their ability to generate club head speed and therefore reduce the distance they can hit the ball.

Reason No2:

They also lack the rotational flexibility in the spine to be able to turn their shoulders if their heads stay too static in the backswing. Letting your head rotate a little away from the target in the backswing will allow you to turn and complete your backswing.

Reason No.3:

The great Bobby Jones said that, in his opinion, only 1 golfer in 5,000 turns his hips enough in the backswing. You can reduce the loss of distance caused by getting older simply by turning your hips more going back. For this to happen you must adopt the freedom of feet and head as in the first two points above.

Reason No.4:

Attempting to keep your leading arm (left arm for a right-handed player) straight will only serve to tighten up or even block your backswing. At the Easiest Swing In Golf, we strongly encourage our senior students to let that leading arm bend a bit at the elbow in the backswing. This will also give you an extra lever to generate more power.

Reason No.5:

In all probability you have been told to keep your head down at least until the ball has gone or maybe even to hold it down for as long as possible. This not only becomes extremely difficult to achieve when your body loses it youthful elasticity but is downright dangerous. For anyone with a bad back or a new joint such as a hip, knee or shoulder, this is likely to cause further injury and will certainly limit the ease with which you can achieve a proper follow through. It will also greatly reduce your chances of decelerating through impact and getting blocked with a short, tight finish.

To summarize, a senior golf swing must become aware of the tension and tightness in their muscles and joints that comes with a) the natural ageing process and b) traditional teaching techniques. The ‘tour player template,’ as we call it at Easiest Swing, is difficult enough for young handicap golfers and has even been known to cause injuries to young, athletic tour players. The benefits of letting go of the old standards of ‘head still,’ ‘feet still in the backswing,’ ‘straight arms,’ and especially the old misconception of ‘keeping your head down’ will free senior golfers to achieve the following:

• Hit the ball a bit further with less physical effort
• Come off the course less tired
• Enjoy their golf as they get older
• Extend their golfing lives

Do yourself a great favour and read about the art of a relaxed swing and the positive effects of the famous ‘La Danse du Golf’ drill by either reading “Positive Impact Golf’ or by taking some lessons with one of our senior coaching specialists at Easiest Swing.

Senior Golf Swing

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Brian Sparks
Senior Golf

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  • Max Crouchley November 5, 2018 @ 7:08 am

    I I’ve in Guernsey and am a member at the Royal Guernsey GC. Who and where are the zpIG tutors based?

    • Brian Sparks November 7, 2018 @ 10:58 am

      Hi Max
      Mike Deeley was in Jersey but he is coming back to run his own Easiest Swing centre at The Shropshire Golf Club from 1st January. Please note that we have rebranded from PIG to Easiest Swing and information about the different coaches is going to feature more strongly as some planned improvements come through. There should be a significant modification before Xmas.
      I am sorry that we don’t have anyone nearer to you but hope that you can get to one of our courses or that we can find and train someone in Guernsey.
      Best wishes

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