What Is The Difference Between Teaching And Coaching?

What Is The Difference Between Teaching And Coaching?


Here are some simple thoughts from the Easiest Swing coaches about what teaching is and what coaching represents:

  • Teaching is something you do AT people – Coaching is something you do WITH people
  • Teachers TELL people what to do – Coaches ASK QUESTIONS and help people to reflect and then work out what is right for them.
  • Teaching works from the basis of a PREORDAINED TEMPLATE and tries to get people to fit it – Coaching is centered around THE STUDENT’S WAY OF DOING THINGS and helps them to adapt to a better way for them.
  • Teaching is ‘TEACHER’ centered – Coaching is ‘STUDENT’ centered.
  • In Teaching, the teacher decides the syllabus and the rate of learning – in Coaching, the syllabus and rate of learning are based around the student’s needs.
  • Teachers DOUBT that the student has the capabilities to succeed – Coaches believe that the student CAN DO IT.

Three points you might like to when choosing who to confide your golfing future to, especially when you get to senior golfer age:

No 1:

Does your teacher/coach ask a lot of questions about you, your game, your health and your objectives? Does he or she let you talk or does he or she do most of the talking? Coaches talk les than teachers and tend to actively listen to what you have to say!

No 2:

Does your teacher/coach tell you you’re right or wrong or that what you’re doing is good or bad? Coaches use a system of scales between 0 & 10 to establish where you are without being judgmental about that or about you.

No 3:

Does your teacher use a lot of technical jargon and talk a lot about the way tour players swing the club and play their shots? Effective Coaching is focused on how you do it and finding an easier and more simple way for you to play better golf without worrying about whether it is traditional or not. They use ordinary, everyday words to describe what they want to say and realise that you won’t understand teacher’s complex words and terminology. Each golfer is unique and Coaches will respect that whereas Teachers will not like it and will try to impose their view of the world on you.

Learning happens when the student is obliged to participate in the process, not just to do his ‘homework’ or ‘practice’ but to engage his or her brain to decide what is right for them and what is not right.

Golfers usually go to a first lesson with a new teacher/coach with a lot of information and knowledge without much knowledge of their own game. A good coach will help them to gain clarity by turning the complex into the simple and will make things easy to understand.

Learning should be an enjoyable and exciting process.

All the coaches at easiestswing.com hope that this blog gives you the foresight to find a great coach,

Brian Sparks

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