Why Positive Impact Golf and why now Easiest Swing In Golf

Why Positive Impact Golf and why now Easiest Swing In Golf


I started to work with my brother, Philip, at Manston Golf Centre in Kent, UK in 2006. My role at the centre was to head the coaching and we soon decided on the name Positive Impact Golf for the following reasons:

  • I didn’t want it to involve my name as I wanted it to carry on and thrive after my time was over. I was 55 years old at that time.
  • I wanted my coaches to have a positive impact on the golfers they coached
  • I wanted golfers to learn to have a positive impact on their shots i.e. better ball striking

In 2007 I started to write my first book and after much thought and discussion within our team I decided it was simple logic to call it Positive Impact Golf for the same reasons as above. I was actually tempted to call it ‘La Danse du Golf’ which is the most fundamental part of our unique and innovative way of coaching. I decided it was too risky so went for PIG despite the meaning of its acronym. Over the years many golfers have used PIG so there was no real need to worry about that.

It has become evident over the last couple of years that my first video, “Easiest Swing In Golf,’ which has had a lot of attention, was well named. It also became apparent that my book, my videos and my whole coaching philosophy were making a big difference to the games of many seniors around the world. After a lot of research we decided to create a new brand and it didn’t take long to go with ‘Easiest Swing In Golf’ although our new website is www.easiestswing.com.

My research also showed that senior golfers were not getting the sort of coaching that suited their older bodies and that they were generally being ‘taught’ a swing that was based on that of a young, fit, strong and flexible tour player.  So, never being one to avoid bold decisions,  I decided that the new website and our major focus would be on this niche market. Of course, seniors (over 50 year old players) make up around 60% of the world’s golfers.

I am 67 years old as I write this and I easily relate to the difficulties we experience as we age. The good news is that the Easiest Swing can help the older golfer to look ten years younger and, therefore, play enjoyable golf for many more years than he or she would have done with the ‘tour player template’ swing.

Our aim is to help senior golfers to enjoy the game more, not to make them swing like a Tiger Woods or a Jack Nicklaus.

Wishing you all an enjoyable game,

Brian Sparks

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  • EdgardoBig December 26, 2018 @ 2:41 am

    Hi. I have checked your easiestswing.com and i see you’ve got some duplicate content so probably it is the reason that you don’t rank high in google.
    But you can fix this issue fast. There is a tool that rewrites content like human, just search in google:
    miftolo’s tools

    • Brian Sparks December 26, 2018 @ 5:12 pm

      HI Gordon
      I will pass that on to my web guys.
      Best wishes and many thanks

  • rarick2 February 23, 2019 @ 6:11 pm

    Hi Brian,
    Thank you for addressing the needs of senior golfers.
    I plan on being in the UK the end of May 2019. Meeting you, having a lesson and discussing
    possibilities of introducing your program to the United States.
    Currently 71 and earlier in life, a fair golfer, having most recently qualified and competed in British Senior Opens
    at Royal County Down & Royal Portrush.
    I hope to communicate with you personally ………. [email protected]
    Many thanks, Rick

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