How Should You Practice Before Going To The Course

How Should You Practice Before Going To The Course

I’ve often heard it said that the longest walk in golf is from the practice range to the first tee. I know from personal experience over my 50 years as a pro that what happens on the range very often bears no relationship to what then happens on the course.  I’ve hit the ball beautifully with every swing at the range and then hardly hit a decent shot all the way round.  I’ve also been dreadful on the range and then play beautifully. In general though, the penny finally dropped one day, and I realised that I was far better off not hitting any full shots before a tournament round.  My reasoning was, and still is, that practicing gets me thinking too much about my golf swing and it is now pretty much recognized that too much thinking is a bad thing. What I did do was to hit some chips and pitches as this helped my rhythm and ball striking.

Each individual golfer needs to find out what works best for him or her. It might be a bit radical of me to say this but I actually believe that people would be better off just walking to the first tee and playing.  A whole basket of balls is often too much and certainly more than that is a waste of energy and likely only to get you out of rhythm even before you hit your tee shot.

I can remember Graham, a student of mine from London, telling me the sad story of a trip away with his golf society. Encouraged by some recent good form, he was determined to do well and, of course, was very enthusiastic and full of optimism. So, before his first round he went to the range and hit approximately 200 balls, mostly with his driver. Not only did he have a bad round, but also had hurt his shoulder and couldn’t play for the rest of the weekend.

Three points you might like to consider especially when you get to senior golfer age:

No 1:

Why expend energy before you play? By all means have a few swings and do what you can to loosen up your body and a few stretches will do you far more good than a few drives. One of the main objectives as an Easiest Swing coach is to help seniors to enjoy their golf and to come off of course feeling less tired.

No 2:

If you do go to the range before playing  and not a session where you try and remember everything that you were told in your last lesson. This, in our opinion, is just about the worst thing you can do before playing.

No 3:

Possibly the best preparation before a round of golf is to use your Swing Caddy as this helps to give you feeling of your best swing, find your perfect timing whilst also helping you to warm up your muscles and joints. It’s great benefits are that there is no ball so you  can’t hit any bad shots to make you anxious nor any great shots to raise your expectations. You can even do this before leaving home. What it does give you is that great feel of your swing that is pure gold dust.

Wishing you all an enjoyable game,

Brian Sparks


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  • Ira Thal September 5, 2018 @ 1:37 pm

    I would love to read the testimonials but they auto change too quickly to read them. I am using the PIG swing and love it. Keeping the tension and tempo in sync and relaxed is constantly a challenge.

    • Brian Sparks September 18, 2018 @ 10:30 am

      Hi Ira
      I’m delighted that the PIG swing is working for you and just keep doing La danse as much as you can especially when you’re on the course and it’s not going so well. It is more powerful than you might imagine.
      I will look at the speed of the auto change.
      Thanks for sharing these with me,

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